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The mission of Crescent City Tours Is to provide our guests with the highest quality service. Period!!! One avenue we take to ensure excellent customer service is to treat our employees with the highest level of dignity and respect possible. At Crescent City Tours we strongly believe that the most effective way to accomplishing our ultimate goal of creating amazing memories starts with how we treat our employees. Our aim is to create a family atmosphere from the office to the Tour site. Employees are referred to as team members and or partners, which in turn produces an atmosphere conducive for creating amazing memories, Management definitely understands the importance of happy employees and ultimately satisfied customers.

About Company

The mission of Crescent City Tours Is to provide our guests with the highest quality service in the industry, and also to provide our employees who are referred to as team members and or partners and are treated equally to provide maximum customer service. Crescent City Tours believes that,If the team is treated with the highest quality of dignity and respect that ultimately spills over to customers. Which the ultimate goal is to create amazing memories.

Our History

I’ve also discovered some things about being an employer, and as direct result of how you treat your employees that olive branch will definitely be extended to the customer, which is my ultimate goal and mission; to not just give you an amazing tour but to create lasting memories of your visit to the Crescent City.

When I would give tours, people would say it’s too early for you to be this happy. And my response would be “if I had a ton of money I would do it for free, It’s an amazing job in tremendous opportunity to have an impact in someone life, and quite honestly some of you guys have impacted mine. I need the people on this team to have that same passion and when the people who are employed by Crescent City Tours can match that level of passion and intensity, it makes the customer experience just that much more pleasant.

Let me tell you a little story about how some of you guys have impacted my life over the years. I was driving some people out to the swamp tour on the bus, it’s about a 25 to 30-minute drive out to the swamp from the city of New Orleans and I always make that drive as festive as possible. On most days the way we operate, the people you bring out to swamp rides the same bus back to the city after the tour. At conclusion of the tour, I would stand outside of my bus and kind of direct traffic of where people should go, it was a really busy day. Some of the boats had made their way in.

As I’m directing traffic, a lady who had ridden on my bus was standing next to me reading a brochure while her husband was in the restroom. The boats were coming in, a lady walked up to me and said, “Mr. I’m so sorry, but I forgot what bus I came on.” And before I could respond to the lady, the lady that had ridden my bus raised her head up out of her brochure and politely said, “Ms!!!! . it wasn’t this one,” which was the highest compliment that I had ever been paid.

Basically, what she was trying to say was if you had ridden our bus you wouldn’t have to remember your bus number, you would have remembered your bus driver. I thought that was so hilarious! But that’s the ultimate goal — to have that kind of impact on your vacation to your visit to the Crescent City

Until we meet, keep smiling!!!

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