Oak Alley & Laura Plantation Tour


Oak Alley Plantation Tour & Laura Plantation Tour or
also The Whitney

Approximate Time

8:00 am to 3:00

Hotel Pick Up and Transportation included

This Plantation Tour Combo combines both the Oak Alley Plantation Tour and Laura Plantation Tour all in one day. Pick up time is 8:00 AM We use “Crescent City Tours & Transportation ” for the ground transportation service. The driver goes hotel to hotel for the pick-up service. We ask that you allow us up to 30 minutes for the pick-up service. We should arrive at about 9:30 am at Oak Alley Plantation where you will have an hour of free time to get lunch, walk the grounds and explore. Some of our guests enjoy a leisure lunch at the restaurant, but most prefer to get a quick bite to eat from the gift shop to allow for more opportunity to see the walking parts of the plantation. The Oak Alley house tour starts at 10:00 AM until 10:30 AM and includes a tour of the grounds, plantation house and slave quarters. WE will depart the second tour at 11:20 Then we take a short 10-minute drive to Laura Plantation.  The Laura Plantation house tour begins at 11:50 am or if you have chosen Whitney as your second tour we will arrive at 12:00 pm .Your tour will end at 2:00 pm When the Laura Plantation tour is over, you will have about 10 minutes in the gift shop before returning to the bus. You will return to your pick up location between 3:00 and 3:30 pm depending on the traffic.

Two Plantation Tour Combo

Oak Alley Plantation Tour

Oak Alley Plantation is located 70 miles or about 1 hour 10 min from the French Quarter. The pick-up begins at 8:00 am. We use “Crescent City Tours & Transportation” for the ground transportation service. The driver goes hotel to hotel for the pick-up service. We ask that you allow us up to 30 minutes for the pick-up service. Pick up will be curbside of your hotel. The bus will arrive at Oak Alley approximately 9:30 am to 9:45 You will spend approximately 2 hours at Oak Alley Plantation. You will have about 1 hour to explore the grounds and grab some lunch.  Next, you will take the guided house tour, it will last about 40 minutes. Crescent City Tours & Transportation” will then bring you on a short 10-minute drive to Laura Plantation.

Laura Plantation

The Laura Plantation tour begins at 11:50 pm. The guided tour will include a history of the property including a walk through of the 200-year-old sugar plantation homestead and 3 gardens (Jardin Français, the kitchen potager & Banana Land Grove). On the grounds are 12 buildings on the National Register, including animal barns, overseers’ cottages, and the 1829 Maison de Reprise. You will return to your pick up location around
3:00 pm

Oak Alley Plantation Tour

The Oak Alley plantation tour is one of the most magnificent plantation tours near New Orleans because of the 28 evenly spaced, huge Oak Trees that go from  River Road to the Plantation House. It looks like the movie “Gone with the Wind”. This Greek Revival style home dates back to 1837. Located on the ground is a restaurant, blacksmith shop, Souvenir Shop and antique farm equipment. The Oak Alley tour is the complete plantation experience!  The  Oak Alley house tour is approximately 35 minutes and conducted by the plantations tour guides . Walking is required for this tour. The distance from the Plantation house to the restaurant and souvenir shop is about one block in distance.  Along the path, there are benches shaded by the oak trees.

History of Oak Alley Plantation

Over the years, many wonderful and fascinating individuals have had a hand in shaping a dream for Oak Alley … some tried and won, some tried and lost, others just tried and gave up. Still, they all had one thing in common … they CARED enough to try. Most of them are gone now, leaving only bits and pieces of the whole story … yellowed documents in parish archives, remembrances shared from generation to generation, a letter or two, and faded photographs. But most important of all, Oak Alley herself. Oak Alley’s adaptive restoration in 1925 by her new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stewart, was the first example of antebellum restoration along River Road. Through the years, Oak Alley was the scene of many events affecting those who had given her a second chance at survival in the struggle against time and the elements. Josephine Stewart outlived her husband by 26 years. Shortly before her death on October 3, 1972, Josephine created a non-profit foundation which would be known as the Oak Alley Foundation. Since then, the home and 25 acres of grounds has remained open for all to share.

Laura Plantation

The Laura Plantation tour near New Orleans is considered by many in the tour industry as the best historical plantation tour in the Mississippi Valley. The plantation was run by four Creole women, most notable, was Laura, from where the plantation gets its name. The women ran the plantation over 60 years, using slave labor. You will get to view and enter the 1840’s slave quarters, as part of this tour. You will hear stories of all aspects of the plantation life. including the fact that the book “Bier Rabbit” was written here. The Plantation house was nearly destroyed by fire back in 2003, but it was rebuilt to the original design using building materials from antique homes that was disassembled and sold off in pieces. The rebuilding process of the plantation house is a story in itself!


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